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Information on Working Hostels in Australia

Welcome to the Working Hostel webpage of Workstay the website for Working Holiday Makers e.g. Backpackers, Students, Travellers and even for people who wish to Migrate to this country “Australia” What we are trying to do on the Working Hostel page, is give people who are looking for work or require information on jobs, a rundown on what Working Hostels are all about. We are here  to help you find something that may suit your needs, if its one days work or 6 months work that you are looking for we will try and point you in the right direction. If you have read our "about us" page then you would have read that we believe we were one of the first Working Hostels, all them years ago, since 1986 to be precise. Below are some of the things, you may need to know about Working Hostels that we will help you on your adventure around our great country called “Australia”

Before we start Please Please let us know, about your travels, good or bad, by sending us an email, to Workstay

  • What is a Working Hostel:  A Working Hostel is where Staff actively helps their guests to find work as long as you are staying at the hostel.
  • A Working Hostel does not mean you work in the actual hostel, but you may get a job if they need a worker.
  • Working hostels can be situated anywhere from the city centre to rural areas.
  • If you are looking for work on farms then look for the rural hostels the city hostel should be able to help you with this (but remember they may not like losing you).
  • Remember if you wish to extend you visa you have to be outside of the city.
  • The regional Working Hostels are were you get to meet a lot of the locals and get to fully experience the true Aussie culture, not in the big cities.

We have put together a list of Working Hostels from around Australia that may help you find work and accommodation.