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WWOOF & VOLUNTEERING work in Australia

Willing Workers On Organic Farms is a unique membership organization linking travellers to hundreds of farming properties all over Australia. You don't need a working visa to participate because work is unpaid

A word of warning. As with any human endeavor some people will seek to exploit others and some WWOOF hosts are commercial farmers participating so as to profit from your almost free (SLAVE) labour. Our further concern is that when WWOOFers have reported bad experiences to the Organisation in the past their report's have been ignored.

if it doesn't feel right - it probably isn't!
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Go abroad newsletter
is the comprehensive on-line directory for study abroad programs, language schools, internships, international volunteer positions, international teaching positions, jobs abroad, universities, eco-travel and a whole lot more!

Conservation Volunteers Australia
Once known as Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers, this group provides the opportunity for community action in solving local ecological issues.

K9 Rescue Group
See images of dogs available from this group in Mandurah, Western Australia, learn about membership and volunteer opportunities, or join the training forum.

Volunteering Australia provides this free service promoting nonprofit community organisations and volunteer opportunities.

Apex Australia
Community volunteer services organisation with branches all around Australia. Includes membership details and links to similar organisations.

Volunteering Australia
Web site of the peak volunteering agency in Australia, with news, links, partnership information and a host of other resources.

Fauna Rescue of South Australia
Volunteers care for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. Find photos of rescued animals and instructions for basic care.

Earthwatch Australia
Sponsors scientific research by supplying volunteers to assist scientists on field projects worldwide. Membership details available.

GreenNet Australia
Volunteers group providing internet services to indigenous, community and environment orgs. Grant information, internet conferences and news.

Australian Volunteer Search
Australian Volunteer Search is Australia's most comprehensive online volunteer recruitment and matching service.

International Volunteers For Peace Australia
World wide organisation promoting peace and justice through voluntary work. With projects in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

Volunteers and Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Australia
Community Aid Abroad would not exist without the energy and gifts of hundreds of people throughout Australia, working as a team with many more hundreds of people in the developing world. ... Volunteer Profiles. Your Rights. Hundreds of people around Australia give their time and energy to us each year by ...

IVP - International Volunteers for Peace - Short Term Volunteer Work (Workcamps) in Australia or Abroad
IVP is the Australian contact for Service Civil International (SCI), a world wide organisation promoting peace and justice through volunteer work (workcamps) in Australia and Abroad. ... volunteer projects (workcamps) abroad and also organises volunteer projects in Australia. Interested in social justice, ...

The Wilderness Society - Australia
The Wilderness Society is a national, community-based, environmental advocacy organisation whose mission is to protect, promote and restore wilderness and natural processes across Australia for ... 

Rotaract Club of South Perth

Volunteer service organisation for 18 to 30 year olds in South Perth, Western Australia. Read about meetings, events, members, aims, news, history and contacts.

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Need Visa Information

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Need a visa for Australia
WHV's can ONLY be applied for; before arriving in Australia. Working Holiday Visa's* can only be granted before you arrive in Australia. For details about applying visit Australia's official website here ( or visit a Travel Agent or an Australian Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in.

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Need Superannuation Information

If your monthly wage is more than $A450, your employer must contribute an additional sum equal to 9.5% of your wage into a superannuation (pension) account for you. If you entered Australia on an eligible temporary resident visa you can, in most cases, access your contributions when you leave Australia, although the contributions will be taxed.

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Jobs and Latest News

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Latest news on jobs and travel around Australia

If you have any news regarding backpacker jobs around Australia please drop us a line and we will share it with fellow travellers. Happy travelling!!!!

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