Strawberry Picking Queensland 2021

Strawberry Picking Queensland 2021

Strawberry Picking Queensland 2021

Eddie Snooks - Saturday, July 31, 2021
Strawberry Picking Queensland 2021

 Queensland Strawberries Farms are looking for 7,000 workers this season picking and packing strawberries on farms in sunny Queensland from June to October. All the farms, the growers, and their profiles can be viewed on the website here. COVID-19 travel restrictions have significantly impacted the horticultural industry, creating a major shortage of peak demand workers. As a result of the worker shortage, we are calling on all workers including WHV makers like many using WorkStay, to take a job in sunny Queensland this winter and help save the QLD strawberry industry, and of course make good money. Queensland Strawberries are doing a great deal to incentivise potential workers – an Association-wide promotional activity with the chance to play to win up to $100,000 in cash prizes – there are 10 x $100,000 to be won, meaning 10 workers could be $100,000 wealthier in October! Queensland Strawberries are keen to ensure that anyone who comes to work in the industry is briefed on their rights as a horticultural worker, understands that they are entitled to fair pay and conditions, and is provided with assistance for what to do if their rights are not being respected. We also assure potential workers it’s not just about the work. We encourage them to explore Queensland on their days off, discover hidden gems and to escape the winter chills of the Southern states. This is the perfect opportunity for those who have travel on their mind to explore what this amazing country has to offer, even in winter. Local tourism operators will be offering exclusive deals, discounts, and monthly prizes to further boost the value to workers who come to pick and pack for the chance to play to win cash prizes. We would love your help in spreading the message to help save the Queensland Strawberries industry by giving strawberries a go this winter. If you also feel your community will benefit from hearing about the opportunity, please share the below with your group. 

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