Volunteers for the Warrambeen Film festival


workers needed for Warrambeen Film Festival

Contact Name
Geordie Taylor
Contact Phone
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Closing Date for Jobs
Feb 25
Warrambeen, Shelford 3329 Victoria
Length of Employment
1-7 days
Job Description
Warrambeen Film Festival has activities for all ages including Camel rides, face painting, jumping castles plus much more To give you some more information on the festival and the kind of help we need I will try and paint a picture of the event over the days leading up and of course the clean up! Basically it will look something like this: THURSDAY 1st of March – implement all lighting, power, plot out stalls, black out all cinema’s. FRIDAY 2nd- build Market stalls tables, drop hay bales, Install cinema’s, Market stall holders arrive, Dress stage, put up fences, signage, clean-up of site. SATURDAY 3rd- There are many different jobs on the day: Cinema managers X3 Spotters- (Keep an eye on festival goers and try to assist or tell security if there is an issue Gate collection- Collecting cash and tickets Food and Wine – Assist in helping the Food and wine vendors. Waste- Keep the toilets clean and keep the rubbish bins empty. Stage manager Assistants- Get the musicians on and off the stage.
Hard workers, great attitude to even the most mundane jobs, all welcome to apply!
Anyone is welcome to apply- but don't bother if you don't like farms and hard work for a few hours each day! event experience would be great or farm experience!


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