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Fruit Picking around Batlow Town in New South Wales Australia

About Batlow Town

Batlow Town is in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, the town is situated 443 kms south west of Sydney. The nearest city is Wagga, while three towns, Tumut (NE), Adelong (NW) and Tumbarumba are within 40 km (S). The main employment for the town comes from the strong timber industry and the harvest, packing and processing of the fruit farms around the district.

Batlow is well known for its apples. over 50 growers in the district supply over1.6 million cases of apples, or around 10% of the Australian apple crop, to the Australian market. The district also has cherries and stone fruit farms.
The town's main landmark, is the 'Big Apple', this represents the towns fruit orchards which have been vital to the town's economy for over 130 years.

Places worth Visiting when in Batlow District

Springfield Orchard, Batlow Fruit Co-operative Ltd, roadside fruit stalls (seasonal), Weemala lookout and flora & fauna reserve, Cascade fuchsia nursery and the Bago State Forrest.

Main Types of harvests

Apples, Cherries, Stone Fruits, Pears, Berries

Best times to find work in Batlow District

March to May - Apples
June to November - Tree pruning
October to April - Stonefruit
December to January - Cherries


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Useful Information if you are heading to Batlow

Where can I stay in Batlow?
Batlow has a Hotel, a Motel, and a Caravan Park. Even these places may need workers in high season.

Be Prepared
Harvest work is not an easy job and not always the best paid, be prepared to work hard can be very tiring. Care must be taken to protect yourself from the extremes weather can be very cold or very hot. Make sure you have water and First Aid equipment available every day and get plenty of rest for each days work.

Tumut Region Visitor Information Centre
Call into the Visitor Information Centre for information on the Tumut Region & Kosciuszko National Park including the towns of Adelong, Batlow, Cabramurra, Talbingo and Tumut.

Address: 5 Adelong Road
Tel: 02 6947 7025

How to get to Batlow
Batlow is 443 kms south west of Sydney via the Hume and Snowy Highways and is accessible by rail and bus. There is no public transport available between farms once you are there so you may need transport.

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Travellers Auto Barn
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Tel: 1800 674 374

Wicked Campers
Van Hire
Tel: 1800 246 869

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