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Finding jobs in the fruit picking industry around Victoria

Hi, you are on the job search page for Regional Victoria below is a list of some of the Country towns with opportunities for working holiday makers. Where you can find work on sheep farms, cattle farms, Orchards, fruit picking etc. Basically we will try and help you with all sorts of farm work and fruit picking.

We will be updating this website as we find more jobs. Any suggestions or if you are looking for permanent or working holiday makers for seasonal work on your farm then please email us at Workstay or go to our contact page and send your details, don`t forget your resume.

Due to a high demand of inquiries from backpackers and working holiday visa holders looking for work. We have decide to put together a list of Companies around each state where you can contact them directly saving you time and money, you will be able to find work in the fruit picking industry, Farms, pubs and many more. Please check the seasons below when looking for work in different areas, as this will give you an idea on the areas most likely to be looking for casual workers.

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Fruit Picking Cobram Victoria

Main harvests are: Apples, Cherries, Stone Fruit, Citrus, Tomatoes

Cobram is a large fruit growing area situated on the Murray River just 250 kms north of Melbourne. The district is referred to as “Peaches and Cream“ country as it is an irrigated fruit and dairy region with large areas of stonefruit varieties and many dairies. The small farm area expanded with the introduction of soldier settlements after WWII followed by a significant number of Italian immigrants arriving and establishing themselves in the farming community. Cobram includes the smaller towns of Barooga, Strathmerton, Tocumwal and Yarroweyah. See also Shepparton and Echuca. for more info please click


Fruit Picking Yarra Valley in Victoria

Main Harvests are : Apples, Cherries, Grape and Picking, Pears,Berries

The Yarra Valley covers an area from Lilydale, 40 kms north east of Melbourne, through Healsville and Coldstream. A large variety of cool climate crops have traditionally been grown in the Valley, including apples, lemons, pears, cherries and berries. There are around 85 vineyards and wineries in the Valley and many different selections of wines, several with cellar door tastings, accommodation and restaurants.

Yarra Valley includes: Montrose, Hoddles Creek, Yarra Junction, Silvan, Gladysdale, Coldstream, Wandin, Seville, Monbulk, Yarra Glen, Lilydale and Healesville.

Fruit Picking Swan Hill Victoria

Main Harvests are : Citrus, Vegetables, Grape and Picking, Stone fruit

Swan Hill is a major town on the Murray River. It is in the Mid-Murray area of Victoria, on the eastern edge of the Mallee country in the north west of the State. One of the historical river towns of the Murray and a former large port, Swan Hill is now a vibrant city. A diverse range of fruit and vegetables as well as significant amounts of wool, grain and stock are produced in the area. A large tourism industry based on the river and river history is featured around the city, with the centre piece being the Folk Museum and the Paddle Steamer Gem.

Swan Hill includes Beverford, Koraleigh, Lalbert, Lake Boga, Moulamein, Nyah, Piangil, Ultima, Vinifera and Woorinen. for more info please click

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If you have any news regarding backpacker jobs around Australia please drop us a line and we will share it with fellow travellers. Happy travelling!!!!

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If your monthly wage is more than $A450, your employer must contribute an additional sum equal to 9.5% of your wage into a superannuation (pension) account for you. If you entered Australia on an eligible temporary resident visa you can, in most cases, access your contributions when you leave Australia, although the contributions will be taxed.

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