Australian Farm stay with Arabian Endurance Horses


Australian Farm stay with Arabian Endurance Horses - ref:


Job Description

This is about a cultural exchange, where you get to live on a real Australian farm with Arabian Horses and experience our life. We are surrounded by beautiful bush lands and many native animals. For the photographer there are beautiful sunsets to capture. For the capable horse rider there is a new equine discipline to learn and enjoy first hand. This will not count towards work visa days.

We am looking for a volunteer farm helper on our small farm in Northern NSW.
Someone who can help on the farm for a few hours each day. Nothing very strenuous - opening gates so the tractor can pass through, helping to fix a fence or clean out a water trough, cleaning tack, helping to move horses about, feeding horses, handle horses, weed control, assisting with preparing the evening meal & setting the table, maybe do a load of washing and help to keep the house clean.
When we go somewhere, you are invited to come too! We typically go to an endurance event once or twice per month.
In exchange you will get food, unlimited WFI, accommodation [your own private room in my home] and treated like one of the family.
We can pick up up from either the bus or Inverell airport.
Prefer an experienced rider, who can go riding with me every day. For someone who can ride, we are keen to teach you everything about endurance riding. For many this is a highlight!!


Prefer horse handling and riding experience.
We can teach you everything else!

Experience & Knowledge

Horse riding experience - must be confident to walk, trot and canter. Prefer a confident, capable rider!

Location of Job:

Inverell, NSW

Length of Employment:

one week to three months

Date of Job Posting:

Post a job NSW

Contact Name:

Clare Fleming

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:


Closing Date for Job:

1 June 2020

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