The Harvest Trail around Australia


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Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
Harvest Trail Australia
-Follow the Harvest trail around Australia

If you have a valid Working Holiday or Student Work Visa, Tax File Number and at least 3 weeks availability (Workstay recommends at least 3 weeks or ideally more) and are reasonably fit (bending, climbing ladders, long hours standing, all weather) then you will probably consider doing some kind of horticulture work.

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Following the Harvest Trail in Australia

If you have a valid Working Holiday Visa or Student Work Visa and a Tax File Number with at least three weeks availability, (Workstay recommends at least three weeks or ideally more) if you are reasonably fit (bending, climbing ladders, long hours standing, all weather), then you will probably consider doing some kind of horticulture work during your Australian travels. An average agriculture working week would consist of between 40 to 48 hours (Remember: Horticulture work can be subject to change without notice). The average hourly rate of pay for Horticulture work is currently between $15 and $20 per hour. Many fruit picking jobs are paid at piece rates - also called "contract" - which allows you to make better than the average hourly rate once you've got your speed up.

Trip Preparation
  • Passport

  • Required Visa

  • Money

  • Vaccinations

Climate and Clothing
  • Sun Screen

  • Hats

  • Sun Glasses

  • Clothing



The Harvest Trail Website

What is the Harvest Trail website well it is Run by JobSearch:  It's Australia's largest free online jobs board. It is funded and operated by the Australian Government as a free service to help assist job seekers into employment and connect employers with quality staff.

The Harvest Trail covers.  Harvesting work all around Australia from grape picking in Berri to Mango picking in Darwin. Each year thousands of people are looking and finding casual work on fruit picking orchards and farms all around Australia, helping to bring in the fruit and vegetable harvests. Farmers are always looking for extra hands to help with the crop and around the farm even helping the wife with the kids. The hard bit, especially for overseas working holiday makers (with the right visa), is finding out when and where workers are needed.

That's how the Harvest Trail helps by linking job seekers with harvest jobs, Australia wide. It offers a great way for people to travel around Australia at their pace while working and earning money.

You can use the Harvest Trail website to:

  1. Find a harvest job
  2. Locate a labour provider
  3. Search for town and crop information

We have put together a few lists to help you find accommodation and work whilst travelling around Australia these will help point you in the right direction.


Australia gets many working holiday makers from all age groups and has come from all around the world and over the years many of these have published their adventure telling their stories good and bad. So to give you some more information about working and travelling in Australia. We have put together in no particular order a list of some of the one's that we have come in contact with over the years. If you have the time grab a coffee and have read it may open your eyes a bit more, and you may learn a little bit more on what's it like to travel and work in Australia, and there are a couple from other places. Happy Reading

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Latest Jobs in Australia



Assistant Furniture Maker

Daylesford Victoria

Assistant Furniture Maker Wanted - Immediate Start



Chestnut picker


Chestnut picking, grading, occasionally supervising other pickers.



Chestnut Picker


Chestnut pickers required



Chestnut picker


Chestnut pickers wanted



Live in Lodge Manager and Cleaner for Ski Lodge at Mount Baw Baw Alpine Snow Resort

Baw Baw Village

Edski is a ski lodge located within the Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort, we are looking to contract a live in Lodge Manager and Cleaner for the 2019 winter / snow season. This live in role can be filled by an individual or by a couple.
This single position has two roles for the person or couple to fill, that of the Lodge Manager and that of the Cleaner as described below
We are also advertising on behalf of Cascade Apartments #2, #7 & #9, Tanjil, Skali and Everest Lodge for a cleaner and so whoever is selected will be offering similar cleaning work to Edski Lodge during the season however there will be a separate agreements between the contractor (you) and the other properties for their cleaning work.

The first part as a contractor to us is to be our Lodge Manager.
The person or couple contracted will be Edski's lodge manager in return for free board (only the lodge managers apartment - 1 double bed, 2 bedside tables with drawers, bathroom with shower and toilet. They will have their own refrigerator with a small freezer section).
The role of the lodge manager includes but not limited to:
Being present for guest checkin at a set time
A quick clean of rooms after guests checkout
Assist and liaise between the bookings officer any problems as well as managing day to day general operations
Managing the wood fire in the lodge.

For performing this role, the lodge manager will receive a complimentary gate entry and lift season pass, have access to the same free WiFi as guests (limited download per day, more download can be discussed with the Bookings Officer) and the lodge manger will have the option of taking each Saturday as free time in addition to the normal free time they will have between fulfilling their roles.

The second part as a contractor to us is to clean for us and those properties we advertise on behalf of.
The Contractor will be Edski Lodge's Cleaner and will be paid $25 per hour with a limit of 6 hours per week for cleaning. Cleaning will include:
Cleaning bathrooms and toilets
Restocking supplies through the lodge
Vacuuming, Mopping and sweeping areas
Cleaning the main Kitchen and emptying the refridgerator as required.
Using a washing machine to wash linen
General clean of the rest of the lodge if required.

You will also contract to Everest Lodge, Cascade Apartment 2 & 9, Skali Lodge and Tanjil Lodge. These properties pay $25 per hour and offer 21-25 combined hours of Cleaning per week varying from general quick tidy up's, assisting their managers with cleans or focused cleans of kitchens and bathrooms.

Past experience has shown that with Edski's and other properties Cleaning workload, and Lodge Manager commitments, there are several hours free during the day for enjoying the resort or engaging with other businesses on the mountain for extra work / cleaning if you should wish.

The Lodge Manager and Cleaner will be commissioned to start 14/06/2019

Edski offers this work between the Queens Birthday in June and the end of September. This work is not guaranteed and can be cancelled at any time dependent on snow falls and guest bookings. Generally there is work from the start of July to the end of August.

Edski, Cascade apartments, Tanjil and Everest Lodge's check in and check out times differ and so cleaning duties at either accommodation provider will not conflict. If the Lodge Cleaner contracts their services to other parties then it is their responsibility that their cleaning duties at Edski are not affected.

For further details and to enquire about the position please email us at with a copy of your references and contact details for your referees.



Looking for full or casual employees for Victoria

Melbourne Victoria

Go to Menu bar Employers Victoria and post a job on WorkStay



Resident (volunteer) gardener/housekeeper couple


Would you like a change of scene? How about a gorgeous self-contained bluestone, fully-furnished mews-cottage on a 200 acre farm & wildlife refuge in rural Victoria - in exchange for 2 days work per week.



Travelling and working in Australia will be a life changing experience

Plan your trip to Australia

Remember You need a Visa for Australia


Need Visa Information

Passport image

Need a visa for Australia
WHV's can ONLY be applied for; before arriving in Australia. Working Holiday Visa's* can only be granted before you arrive in Australia. For details about applying visit Australia's official website here ( or visit a Travel Agent or an Australian Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in.

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