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Need a visa for Australia
WHV's can ONLY be applied for; before arriving in Australia. Working Holiday Visa's* can only be granted before you arrive in Australia. For details about applying visit Australia's official website here ( or visit a Travel Agent or an Australian Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in.

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Home of the Original Outbackpackers Country Pub Workstay Experience

The Workstay Outbackpackers Country Pub

We began the Workstay Outback Pub program in 2000 with 3 pubs. Through word of mouth the program has continued to grow and today workstay can boast the most successful program of its kind anywhere in the world. Not all pubs are suitable for the program and over the years some pubs have been dropped. The program is designed to be win win for everybody and Workstay can boast a 98% success rate. As with most success stories the 'copy-cats' soon appear (after the hard work has been done). One of the problems caused by this is that they are often dealing with pubs that Workstay has dropped and because the program relies so heavily on good word of mouth, bad experiences will reflect unfairly on the Workstay program. If you are considering accepting a Country Pub placement either through a copy-cat operator or from a pub advertising direct, then we simply urge you to check with us before setting blindly off. Some pubs choose to advertise themselves outside the Workstay network and can be fine and we will tell you so, but if a Pub is advertising outside the Workstay network then there may well be another reason.

This has been our statement for many years and worked fine, but times change and we also have to change or disappear so after a long process, we have decide to try something different to help Backpackers and Working Holiday Visa holders find work a bit quicker than we can always provide due to time constraints.

We have put together a data base of all the Pubs and Hotels around Western Australia some that have worked with us over the years and some who like to work independantly or have know idea that backpackers are out there looking for work.

To get access to these listing we have put a small admin charge of $7.50  to cover costs and hopefully to create an even larger pool of Pubs and Hotels for you to find work from. 

Backpackers and working holiday visa holders looking for outback pub jobs (please note these outback pub jobs do not go towards your 2nd year visa as of yet). If you would like a copy of Pubs and Hotels in the outback and coastal areas of Western Australia please go to.

To access please go to Outback Pubs Western Australia

Workstay originated the Outbackpackers Country Pub Barmaids Program in 2000 but has been around since 1986.


When I first accepted a Workstay Outback Pub placement I had an absolute panic attack and wondered what the hell I was doing. I had never worked in a pub before and then I arrived in the middle of nowhere. As far as the eye could see there was just bushland and nothingness. But the funny thing was that after 6 weeks I fell in love with the place and had one of the best experiences of my life!!! The bar work was brilliant, the landlady, Wendy, treated me like family and what a laugh we had! The locals were hilarious - mainly sheep shearer's, gold miners and farmers.
I was taken out sheep shearing & even had a go myself! I also climbed in and out of several real goldmine's.
I say to anyone thinking about the Workstay Country Pub Program - that it is the best way to experience real Australian life and meet true blue Ozzies (and make some life long friends). GO FOR IT!!!
Love Kelly Bray (U.K.)XX

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