Tax and Super Refunds Australia

If you entered Australia on an eligible temporary resident visa you can, in most cases, access your Tax and Super contributions when you leave Australia.

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Need Visa Information

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Need a visa for Australia
WHV's can ONLY be applied for; before arriving in Australia. Working Holiday Visa's* can only be granted before you arrive in Australia. For details about applying visit Australia's official website here ( or visit a Travel Agent or an Australian Embassy or Consulate in the country you are in.

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Need Superannuation Information

If your monthly wage is more than $A450, your employer must contribute an additional sum equal to 9.5% of your wage into a superannuation (pension) account for you. If you entered Australia on an eligible temporary resident visa you can, in most cases, access your contributions when you leave Australia, although the contributions will be taxed.

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Working Hostel in Victoria

If you have a working Hostel in the State of Victoria and would like to be on this site please contact us: Workstay

We have many more Working Hostels on our books please email us at Workstay
it just takes time to add them all thanks.

Working Hostels in Melbourne

If you want to explore Australia like a local, one way is to start working with them. Advice and tips from locals might open up a few doors and you can leave the well trodden tourist path to the tourists.

Try getting a job in one of the many Melbourne backpackers which, aside from putting you in touch with the local staff, is a great way of saving money on accommodation.

In exchange for your help behind reception, cleaning the dorm rooms or perhaps assisting with some office admin, you can get a room for a couple of weeks and perhaps a bit of pocket money depending on how much time you can commit.

Borderline Backpackers

So, You wanna come to Australia and see all the sights and wonders we have to offer?
That's all good and well if you have the money to do it. If you need to earn some excellent money to help finance your adventure you should call in and stay with us. An absolutely fantastic place to work & stay while earning great cash. Only 5 minutes from the Murray River, an excellent place to just kick back and relax on the river and watch those magnificent sunsets, have a beer or go for a swim.

Borderline Backpackers

  • 78 - 80, Seventh Street,
  • Mildura, Victoria 3500
  • Phone 03 50230671
  • Mobile 0429181090
  • email:
Borderline backpackers

Cambrai Backpackers

We want our international backpackers to feel at home with us at Cambrai Hostel. We will encourage you to discover the "authentic" travel experience and that "been there first" buzz in our undiscovered Gippsland region. Based in Maffra, you can enjoy and explore the treasures of this region, meet the locals and find seasonal employment.   Come and share time with the farmers, timber workers and other characters renowned in Australia's regional areas.

Cambrai Backpackers

  • 117 Johnson Street, Maffra,
  • Victoria 3860
  • Free Call1800 101 113
  • Phone 03 5147 1600
  • Fax 03 5147 3175
  • email:
Cambrai Backapckers

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